Holland-'17 Part 2

Cycling to VondelPark

Our first day was relatively busy,  we decided to slow the pace today. Left home about mid day, for a stroll along Centraal Station into the busy shopping streets. The sun was out on this crisp winter day and as usual in a beautiful city like Amsterdam, there were tourist enjoying the scenery and taking pictures and so was I. After a couple of hours walking, we randomly decided to travel the Dutch way…  who can guess??!

Of course, we cycled! We located a nearby  bike rental company Yellow Bikes http://www.yellowbike.nl/en/bike-rental/  and for €12 we hired a bike for the entire day- what a bargain!

Holland Feb 2017 173
A great view with the Dutch Flag 

As a child, growing up in my home town Port-Harcourt (Eastern Nigeria), my parents would send us on errands with our bikes and off I went not looking back- my poor siblings toddled along adjusting their bike seats trying to get the right balance and catch up- I love cycling as you may have gathered.

We asked for a map as one does in a new city and off we went on our little adventure through corner streets aiming  for VondelPark. Although, I must say there were a few detours enroute.  We came to a small square for chess lovers nearby on Max Euweplein Centrum, we parked our bikes and watched this unique way of playing chess.

Holland Feb 2017 239
Square on Max Euweplein Centrum for Chess lovers

Sadly, we couldn’t stay long as the mission was to arrive Vondelpark in time to enjoy the Park while the sun was still out in winter February.

Holland Feb 2017 275.jpg
VondelPark by the Lake

As we walked along the Park, I couldn’t resist this beautiful lake- so tranquil.


A hideaway place to spend alone or with someone away from the busyness of life and the city.

Holland Feb 2017 305.jpg
Beautiful spot in the Park 🙂

We spent a couple of hours in the park just enjoying the scenery and taking photos to share with you of course.

 Don’t know about you, but am most alive around nature and creation. I always feel recharged after a few hours by the sea or at a park…. hmm, wonder why?! (we shall explore this further in other blogs as we journey together-stay tuned).

After a few hours at the park, sadly- it was time to return the bikes as the saying goes “All good things must come to an end”.

Holland Feb 2017 324
Bye bye Vondelpark

We cycled through some of the most expensive streets in Amsterdam with elegant buildings- ah, I love this city!

Holland Feb 2017 328.jpg
Magna Plaza

By this time as you’d imagine with me,  I  was hungry. We hurriedly returned our bikes and headed off to a seafood restaurant.

I grew up eating seafood, but never had these selections in a platter! I was excited and intrigued at the assortment we had- all for a whooping €75, visit http://www.theseafoodbar.com/en/  Amsterdam Oud-Zuid for some when you’re in Amsterdam- not to be missed!

Holland Feb 2017 143.jpg
The Seafood Bar- Yum!!!

There is no seafood without a glass of wine- I’m sure you agree 🙂 Stay tuned for Holland ’17 – Part 3 (The Final)

Holland Feb 2017 150

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