My Journey so far….5 months in (Celebrating Bloggers Nomination and more)!


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I’d like to share a story of a woman who enjoyed documenting her experiences in a journal very  personal to her  called ‘My Journey so far….’.

One night,  in a dream an angel appeared  persuading her to share her stories with the world. She woke up very scared  but determined to explore this new adventure…. She thought to herself, surely the angel can’t be wrong. Legend has it this particular angel is all knowing!

She timidly and fearfully starting scribbling thoughts down. She said to herself, what do I enjoy most.  She decided on  Travel, Fashion and Lifestyle, and her trip to Holland was the stepping stone into this unknown territory- that trip she called ‘Holland’17- Part 1 ; ‘Holland’17-Part 2’ ; Holland’17 – Part 3 (The Final).

She certainly never imagined in the early days that her blog will gain recognition for a  Liebster Award Nomination which she finds rather surprising!

She wants to use this opportunity to thank all her readers for their dedication and support these past months, their comments on the blog and social media has been a great source of encouragement and motivation to her on this journey….. It made her conclude that perhaps the Angel knew something she didn’t!

Now and again, she will produce post similar to  MY JOURNEY SO FAR…. (2 MONTHS IN)   to update her readers.

As you venture into her world, bear in mind she doesn’t profess to be an Expert  – just documenting some lessons learnt along the way in the hope that it will assist your journey.

Today, she’d like to share “3 tips To Remember” when starting a blog:

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  1. Prepare Content In Advance: If there is one thing I would have loved to know before launching my site, it’s this. Preparing content in advance saves time at the early stages of your blog. To be honest, most blog communities will only take you seriously if you are a regular blogger i.e. post content at least once per week.  I struggled with this initially but don’t worry  it comes with practice i.e. the more you write, the better you become! Don’t be daunted about what to write either,  ideas will flow as you start… And if you’re anything like me and wish to DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) your blog (among- working FT; growing Social Media Accounts; Affiliate Marketing Programs; learning new terminologies in this industry AND dealing with snags associated with YOUR newly created website). You will quickly begin to realise work can pile up if you’re not on top of things. Therefore, not having to worry about content a week or two into launching your blog site can be a blessing!
  2. Jot Ideas Down:  This may sound cliche, but it certainly happened to me a few times´-  an  idea comes to mind,  I tell myself it’s mentally stored but never remember it again…. sad, right?! You may not be anything like me, and remember everything. But the majority of us tend to forget, hence, having a note or something to jot  ideas as they spring to mind is always very helpful. Ideas have sprung to mind on the tube going to work, out in town, at the office, in bed (just about to sleep), cooking, cleaning, oh,prepare for this- even in the shower!! :)! The list is endless.
  3. Celebrate Successes!: Lets be honest, blogging is tremendously time consuming and difficult and like anything worth doing well, staying consistent is a difficult challenge.  Therefore, it is particularly important to stay motivated especially in the early days when your blog is not making an income or has a large following. When it just seems like you’re giving (both time and resources) and not getting much in return- a bit like having a baby :)! Staying motivated is KEY! I want to share with you some WAYS I’ve managed to stay motivated :
  •      Share successes ( no matter how small) with friends and readers!
  •      Share on Social media or blog about it!
  •      Take yourself out on a date! i.e. do the things you love. For instance, go to the movies; go out with a close friend or significant other; take a day out in the park; visit the beach;  take yourself shopping and buy something nice; go for a pampering session (massages; foot spa; facials) or just relax at home. Anything that                 rejuvenates you!   There is nothing wrong with sharing your successes no matter how little they may seem as they provide the momentum to keep going.  Certainly, there’s been days when it all feels overwhelming and that positive comment from a friend, a reader  or social media follower just provides the energy to fight another day! This brings ME nicely to the part where I share some little successes in the past month:
  1. Launched a NEW BLOG THEME
  2. Nominated for Liebster New Bloggers Award
  3. Named Media Partner for African Fashion Week London’17 (#AFWL’17) with LOGO showcased on Website and Fashion Events
  4. Created a Twitter Account for the blog and grown to 246 organic followers (I know this is nothing compared with other accounts but  consider it a success as we were at 0 last month).
  5. Self host and migrating current site
  6. Set up a Pinterest Account.
  7. Growing Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook Accounts! Please go over to our sites and show some love 🙂

That’s it for now, hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post as I’ve enjoyed writing it! Stay tuned for more and in the meantime, do subscribe to my blog and on Social MediaInstagram Twitter  Bloglovin  Facebook  for daily updates on Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle!

Lots of love and stay safe,

C xx

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  1. I am new to blogging and it does take up so much of your time. I am also about to me a new mother and worry that I will struggle to find the time once my son is born. So in a way starting a new blog is going to help prepare me for a baby, as you stated 🙂 I am trying to prepare content in advance, so I will have some content ready when it will be a struggle to find time to write.

    Congrats on the nomination!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Your blog is amazing and the tips on pregnancy is so helpful. My parents live in dubai so I tend to visit. I stay away from the UAE in August, you are a brave woman! Preparing content in advance is very useful. Good luck with the pregnancy and the blog! You can do both- keep strong 🙂 x

  2. I can’t believ you’ve done all of this in 5 months- very impressive. And you are exactly right it’s so easy to get unmotivated at the beginning . So I definitely see the importance of celebrating every small tiny success. I’ll have to remember that as I am very new in my blogging journey and it can be difficult to keep the desire to keep going!

  3. I literally laughed out loud at the “blogging is time consuming” becasue I promise I had NOOOOO idea that it would be like having a second job, a second husband and a second child – all rolled into this one thing that always needs attention, time, care and sometimes money. It’s not a blog – it’s a teenager!

  4. I literally laughed out loud when I read the part about blogging is “time consuming”! It feels like having a second job, a second husband and a second child – all at once. It requires time, attention and sometimes money…it’s not a blog – it’s a teenage boy!

  5. I agree with you when you say blogging is time consuming. Fortunately, I work from home with my current job and I still can mainly find time to draft a post on my break, after work or on the weekends. I have started to jot ideas down using Google Keep whenever an idea comes to mind. Great post!

    1. That’s great Kristyn, jotting ideas down will be of great assistance I’ve learnt. I also work full time so like you evenings and weekends are my best times but it takes a toll on social life – don’t have much lately unfortunately! But should begin to settle as we get to grips with everything. Working from home should assist a bit- happy for you 🙂 x

  6. I agree with you when you say blogging is time consuming. Fortunately, I work from home with my current job and I still can mainly find time to draft a post on my break, after work or on the weekends. I have started to jot ideas down using Google Keep whenever an idea comes to mind. Great post!

Look forward to your comments! :)