WHAT I did ON SAturDAY- Go Karting!

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It’s a good idea always to do something relaxing prior to making an important decision in your life.

                                                                          Paulo Coelho

Adventure #1- Go Karting

So we started our afternoon at Revoluntion Karting to celebrate a friend’s HEN DO! Must say, when I initially saw the activities for the day, my competitive side began to get really excited even though I’ve never done this sport before! Well, if it’s anything to claim, I love watching Formula One! hehe

We all arrived the venue in time to get changed and ready for some action! The girls all looked gorgeous in their racing outfit, with a brief induction, we were out on the tracks in no time! Driving in Central London at 50mph was the type of de-stressing I needed after a long hard week in the office, am sure you agree! The competition was fierce but not dangerous which was good…. we all played by the rules which made it super fun, well then again, for me it was, but I’m sure some of you would want to see some crashes like in Formula One! There were some crashes but nothing dramatic like Formula One, sadly.


WhatsApp Image 2017-06-05 at 14.44.41
The Go Karting Squad!


We had a few rounds with some making the final race. I strangely made the final, giving me some more rounds on the track, who would say no to that??!

We continued for a few laps until it was take to carry the adventure somewhere else 🙂

I’d really encourage you to try Go Karting- I was pleasantly surprised.  A few tips to bear in mind when considering a Go Karting trip:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes i.e. closed toe flat shoes or trainers.
  2. Tie your hair back for those with long hair as you need to wear the helmet and can’t leave your hair out for safety reasons.
  3. In the Summer, for ladies- wear leggings and a tank top or anything comfortable without too many layers. For men-  wear trouser/short and a t’shirt. You need to wear the Go Karting outfit on anything else you’re wearing….
  4. Give yourself  ample time to arrive- you need to change, go through induction and get on the tracks within the time paid. We lost some time as we arrived slightly late.
  5. Get on the track, stay safe and have fun!

Adventure #2 – Games, Music, Food, Drinks + get ready for a NIGHT out!

On our way home, we attempted some of the challenges set e.g. sing to a stranger, sing the national anthem to strangers; Photo-bomb A stranger’s picture and  for the beautiful bride to be, she had to find 5 people with the same name as her future husband- this was more fun for me than anything else! Just watching my friend run up to strangers asking for their names and so many responding ‘ I am not Daniel, but I can be if you want’! Londoners are such joy when they’re chilled! Love it 🙂

Oh, did I mention the ‘bride to be’ also won the Go Karting race?! She was on the podium, given a bottle of champagne just like the Formula One winners!:)

Bride to Be on the Podium!

Oh, Kima- when do we share in the champagne celebration???- save a glass! 😉





Me, Myself and I
Me and the Bride to Be!

Adventure #3- What I wore?!

Ah, I love this dress so much and will be wearing it some more this summer! Bought from one of my recently followed shops on Instagram Elsie’s Attic   its an asymmetric bodycon dress –  shame they don’t have it in stock any longer. Their dresses are beautiful and reasonably priced- what every lady wants! I however found a similar dress at Missguided 

And my super cool red shoes were from MissKG , I bought them years ago, although, managed to find this link to similar ones at Shoeholics– see image below. Hurry its discounted from £85 to £29– what a bargain!!



And that is it from me for now, happy shopping!! 🙂

Where do you shop? Why do you prefer them over others? I’m interested to know where my readers shop and why? Always looking for new places to try out!

                              If you do what you love, it is the best way to relax.     

                                                                                                                     Christian Louboutin

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Lots of love and stay safe,

C x

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