Why you should Visit Camden Market

A day in Camden Town Market

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A day in Camden Market

Are you someone who enjoys exploring London? Then today’s post ‘Why you should Visit Camden Market‘  along side my previous posts might be of interest, explore them here  and here

Ever Visited Camden Market?

When it comes to Camden Market, there’s an abundance of things to see and do.

If you live in the area or just visiting, you’ll be enthralled by the many varied and impressive facilities available.

In this post, I am exploring reasons ‘Why you should visit Camden Market’ to get a feel for what is on offer.

To be honest, I’ve lived in London since graduating from University and have heard a lot about Camden Market but never really visited. So wrong right?

I finally took the bold step this summer to see places I haven’t seen and Camden Market was TOP on my list!


A day in Camden Market A day in Camden Town Market

I’m sure some of you wish to take a trip to Camden Market but don’t know how to get there. No need to panic, I have set it out for you below.


How to get to Camden Market

Since the market is such a vibrant and popular place, it is easy for the public to access.

If you’re using the London Underground, then you’ll need the Northern Line heading either directions to High Barnet or Edware to get off at either Camden Town or Chalk Farm Road.

Alternatively, there are plenty of buses which go to and from the markets that can be accessed from many different places including King’s Cross Station and Leicester Square.


What is available in Camden Market?

 Camden Market has many things on offer, and is split into six distinct parts, each of which caters for different types of commodities which are traded and sold to the general public.


Camden Lock Market

The actual Camden Lock Market, which takes its name from Camden Market itself, remains the main place to find all sorts of craft based items, with things such as jewelry and books available.

A day in Camden Market A day in Camden Market A day in Camden Market

If you were looking for furniture, then your best bet would be the Stables Market, which is the primary location for those kinds of things.

Buck Street Market

Alternatively, there is the Buck Street Market, which focuses on clothing, and then the Electric Ballroom, which is home to the unique and eccentric items.

Regardless of where you go in Camden Market, there’s all kinds of different wares to browse in various places within the complex.

Inverness Street Market

If you were looking for foods for example, you would find yourself in Inverness Street Market, which is where all the best and most popular food stalls are set up for people to look around- I enjoyed some tasty lunch here 🙂

A day in Camden Town Market A day in Camden Town Market

There are some well known celebrities gracing the Markets, with Chris Evans, the famous radio personality, auctioning off some of his own possessions back in 2004, the majority of which came from his own home.

Overall, Camden Market is a bustling and vibrant place that has lots of different shopping options available for you.

It is one of the top five places in London for tourists to visit, and with all of the different areas and stalls it is easy to see why.

There is something for everyone within the market, boasting all kinds of different stalls and types of goods, from clothing to furniture, and even the chance for a different kind of food to be found.

All in all, I’ll recommend Camden Market  if you were looking for somewhere which is different and exciting, and will give you a shopping experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post as I enjoyed writing it!

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